Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

This was our Valentines Dinner, I was in charge.  My sweet husband gave me my most Favorite flowers Gerbera Daisey's.. I love them so much.. They are so beautiful.  Rather then battle the crowds and going out to dinner I decided to make Brandon a special dinner... I found some super cute heart shaped plates and thought they would be perfect :) they turned out pretty cute. 
On The Menu

Salad with Homemade Ranch
Shrimp with drawn butter & cocktail sauce
Baked Potato & sour cream
Red crush to drink


Friday, February 11, 2011

Sad News!

So we are pretty big Jazz fans and so sad to hear that coach Sloan is resigning :( Yesterday when I heard the breaking news I text Brandon to say that i hoped it wasn't true and that he really wouldn't do it.. however Brandon had already text me, his text was so so funny my Uncle who is a Huge jazz fan harrasses brandon about Sloan, Brandon loves Sloan and my uncle hates him (at least he try's to and say's he does) not so sure about that but Brandon's text to me read... poor dick, he is going to be devistated, who will he hate now... ??  if you knew my uncle this would be halarious to you too.. So i called my aunt and said I hope dick is happy!!  her reply was, he has cried all day!!
My favorite date night with Brandon is going to Jazz games, It pay's off for him that I love sports so much.. I watched the press confrence and I cried through the whole thing as they made the announcement and as each person talked about Sloan.  Hard to think of the Jazz without Sloan.

Happy Birthday Dawn!!

Today is my Sister Dawn's Birthday, yesterday me and my other sister Julie took her to lunch and to get a pedicure!! Oh how I love pedicures they are just the awesomest ever... Kneaders for lunch oh so yum!

Me Julie & Dawn

We had so much fun spending time together

Aunt Dawn & Stockton
Aunt Julie & Stock
And Tah Dah!!  arn't they so pretty?

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Im feeling a little crafty this month, here are a few projects I have done:)  I LOVE this one!!

This one I did earlier this month with my sister and Rachel, So much fun crafting together!!

And then these are a few projects I have been working on over the weekend and here and there, much thanks to my sweet Landon for helping me with these, he is such a sweetie and cut out tons and tons and tons of felt circles for me...
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Journal

My mom just returned home from her trip to Isreal with my sister and she was telling me all about her trip, and all that she did while she was there and the expieriences she had while she was there, I couldn't help but think of how it would feel to stand where Jesus stood, to walk where he walked, to be where Jesus suffered for my sins. I found myself feeling very emotional, and the thounght occured to me the importance of keeping a journal. So i thounght about it... and have decided to use this blog as my journal..

Ta Da!!

So here it is Finally!! I have been trying to figure out how to design my blog. It has been a Very frustrating event, but I figured it out so lets just hope I remember how when i need to change it!!